PWC Fabrication Operations Support in Fort Wayne, IN

Our fabricators are supported with the resources to get your job done.


Our modern, 44,000 square foot facility is located on over 6 acres. High, wide bays accommodate 18′ under the hook.

Production Equipment

In addition to the major pieces listed below, PWC Fabrication has an extensive inventory of auxiliary equipment to complete your fabrication requirements.


Burn Table
Plasma up to: 2″ 
Max Plate Size: 120″ x 480″
Oxy Fuel: up to 4″ Plate
Max Plate Size: 120″ x 480″

Plate Beveller
(1) Gullco
Plate thickness of 5/16” to 2”
Up to 15/16” at 30 degree bevel

Iron Worker
(1) Piranha
Angle Shear: 6″ x 6″ x 1/2″ Max
Bar Shear: ¾” x 12″ Max
Channel: C8x11.5

Press Brake
(1) 400T
½” T x 14′-0″ W Plate

Plasma Arc
(1) Hypertherm Power Max 65
Stainless, Aluminum, HRS Plate with 1¼” Max

Airless Equipment in a modern 40′ x 100′ Bay

Hydraulic Pinch Rolls
(1) Carell
½” x 10′-0″ / ¾” x 8′-0″ Plate
1″ x 5′-6″ / 1¼” x 4′-6″ Plate
18″ Min. Dia.
(1) Webb
10GA x 6’
8″ Min. Dia.

Hydraulic Shear
¾” Plate to 14′-0″ Wide

Angle Rolls
3½” x 3½” x 3/8″ Angle with Min. Dia. 60″

Saws And Drills
(1) VT130HM Vertical Saw 20″ x 24″
(1) V-100 HE & M Vertical Band Saw 16″ x 18″
(1) Sharp 4′-0″ Radial Arm Drill

Pipe Rolls
Up to 2”

Material Handling Equipment

20,000 lb. CLARK with 10′ Lift
15,000 lb. CAT with 10′ Lift
8,000 lb. CAT with 15′ Lift

Overhead Cranes

(9) 5 ton capacity with 40′ and
50′ spans.

CAD Expertise and Computer Support

PWC detailers utilize AutoCad and other detailing software to give our fabricators the drawings necessary to get an accurate product out the door.

Email and Internet access offers customer services such as drawing transmittal.

Quality Assurance

While project plans and specifications establish quality standards, at PWC Fabrication we believe that these are only the minimum acceptable levels of quality required. For us, quality is an “attitude towards perfection.” By using quality materials and quality parts, you can expect quality fabrications.

The process must start with verifiable raw materials purchased only from those suppliers who can furnish mill certs. With one of the best-equipped shops in the Midwest, the PWC team can then produce quality parts.support_photo

Fabrication is complete only when these parts have been joined with precise welding. PWC performs all welding operations to the American Welding Society (AWS) Welding Code D1.1 and by the use of personnel who are AWS Certified Welders.

We share our customers’ concerns about the end use, durability, fitness and strength of each weldment. As a result, PWC fabricators routinely join parts with more footage and larger welds than the minimum specified on plans or in specifications.

Our attitude towards perfection continues by removing weld splatter; surface rust and scale in preparing for primer and finish paint according to the customer’s request.

Few custom fabrication shops can be as proud as PWC Fabrication is of the diligent care we take to make sure our customers receive finished products exceeding expectations.